Data Security and Privacy

All data is confidential to the software user. maria will not make use of your data apart from technical support and usage statistics. maria will never use any personal data for marketing purposes!

maria database security is maintained with state of the art protocols.

If you would prefer a dedicated server, no problem, and we will even absorb the costs subject to volume usage criteria. Just ask!

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Admin level users can upload their own corporate image file and disclosure to replace our defaults. You can have maria Adviser Toolkit look and feel like your very own application.

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For Adviser and Network Managers

Client and policy management systems handle placement and accounting data, not the full set of coal face information. The truth is your data is locked up and leaking.

maria frees data normally locked up in document based attachments and filed application forms.

Point of sale data storage and mining is revolutionising sales and marketing. This revolution will pass by businesses and industries that do not have the starting point capability, a point of sale IT database.

What if you use a policy placement system incorporating databased underwriting information? Does this solve the problem?

  • What about cover with insurers which are not on the placement panel? What if you need to use a specialist underwriting agency?
  • What if the cover is placed direct through an insurer portal?
  • What if you take over existing policies with insurers outside your placement system?
  • What if you just need to place outside your placement system to remain competitive for that particular client?
  • Is the placement system data fully available for query?
  • At what point does “funnelling” to a limited panel of insurers undermine a key benefit for clients that choose an Insurance Broker?

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